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Our online process and medical experts make it simple to find out what's right for you.


Provide Medical History

Complete our intake forms which provide our clinical team the information they need to tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

Lab Order

Understanding your current health is vital to our process. That is why all incoming patients must receive a full lab screening. Your lab panel will be determined by the info you provide to us in your medical history, please be as thorough and 100% transparent.

Online Consultation

After your lab results are received you will be scheduled to speak to one of our physicians to review the results and explain our recommended treatment plan. Simple, telehealth, at your convenience.

Number 4

Receive Meds

Receive your medications in the mail. All plans include free shipping. Follow-up questions and directions will be provided during your post-consultation call.

At Rejuvenate U


Affordable Medication

Rejuvenate U offers the highest quality medications for a fair price guaranteed. You may find cheaper, but you won’t find better.


Experienced Providers

With over 80 combined years of experience in hormone therapy, you will not find a more experienced well-qualified team of physicians overseeing your hormone health.

Free Shipping

All treatment plans include free shipping. Recieve your medication on your doorstep, at no extra charge.


HIPAA Complaint

Rejuvenate U prides itself in the security of patient information applying all HIPPA standards.
HIPAA law focuses on privacy and consent to ensure patient confidentiality of their protected health information (PHI). Sensitive patient information must be stored securely and have the patient’s consent to be shared.



Every single treatment option is supported by our wellness specialists and doctors to ensure that you are receiving the very best possible treatment to help address your specific symptoms and needs, whatever they may be.


We know that everyone is unique, with a unique starting point and a unique set of goals and that’s why we proudly go the extra mile to give you a truly personalized solution designed to help you rejuvenate.

What Our Patients Have To Say:

Jessica GaytonJessica Gayton
21:25 25 Jan 24
Love the staff here; they are very responsive and helpful. Taylor is wonderful to work with. She knows her stuff and is very personable
Alexis SteeleAlexis Steele
20:13 25 Jan 24
My experience has already been extremely positive with RejuvenateU. They have assisted step by step — with getting my patient portal set up, where to get my blood work done, follow up emails/reminders, and a comprehensive overview of my lab results plus the treatment plan.Thank you to this team for making this a smooth process for me when it could have instead been overwhelming. Thank you also Taylor for being so knowledgable regarding HRT and explaining everything so I could understand! Y’all rock!
Matthew AndersonMatthew Anderson
18:15 12 Dec 23
I have worked with Taylor and her team for over a year now. Rejuvenate U has allowed me to accomplish all of my fitness goals while being able maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taylor's attention to detail is second to none as she makes you feel like you are in great hands while keeping your best interests in mind. She has been nothing but supportive, helpful, and has educated me on the many factors that contribute to my bloodwork. I feel comfortable saying that anyone(average Joe or high level athlete) looking for a wellness clinic and/or looking to improve their quality of life should reach out to Rejuvenate U. You will not regret it.
Garrett HernandezGarrett Hernandez
16:37 08 Dec 23
The nicest and most caring staff ever!!! Thanks to them and their services, I am feeling better than I have before! It's life changing. 10/10 recommend Rejuvenate U!
Raven BrysonRaven Bryson
17:32 07 Nov 23
Rejuvenate U has been so helpful and informative in regards to getting my labs normal. They are very professional and have a great customer response time. I would highly recommend them.
Joshua ByrdJoshua Byrd
03:44 24 Apr 23
Efficient and timely communication, they really put your health at top priority. Would recommend to anyone.
claude cordovaclaude cordova
23:30 23 Apr 23
10 out of 10 would recommend!! Awesome team and amazing customer service!!!
Gabbi TorchGabbi Torch
18:27 23 Apr 23
Are 6 stars an option?! Their services have improved my well being and overall quality of life. Extremely informative and wonderful customer support. Can’t thank RejuvenateU enough!
Wilder HanleyWilder Hanley
03:04 23 Apr 23
They have given me great service and are awesome people to work with!!! Would highly recommend!!!❤️
Trev LTrev L
01:43 23 Apr 23
They are professional and easy to work with. They are very responsive in their communications and I highly recommend them.


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